One murder.
Three suspects.
One killer.
One detective, you.
Can you find the correct solution and regain your standing in the police force?

This is a game about trying to figure out which person commit the crime, but you can only observe one person at a time. It was made for GMTK jam 2019, with the theme only one.

Fonts were taken from:

Music was taken from:

Full credits at the end of the game.


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it doesn't fit with the theme and in fact is dragged down by it, only being able to see one story at a time like this is just a annoying gimmick that can make you miss some very important info, making you rush to a conclusion. if at the start you don't pick one of the right two too talk too then you either rush to a false conclusion or, restart which undermines the point of the game. it would have been better without the gimmick, it isn't designed for it, and it and doesn't use it in any interesting ways.

Thank you for trying out the game.

you're welcome